Automatically assign payments to offline loans

I just started using Emma and I really love having all my finances in one place and being able to calculate my net worth.

However I have one bug bare which I feel could be a game changer. For the offline transactions, why can we not automatically select a subscription payment and have it deduct that value from the offline amount I have in transactions.

For example, I have a loan of £2,500, I register this as an offline transactions. Then I click on one of the subscription payments I have which is £150 a month and assign it to this offline loan. So each month when I pay the merchant via my subscription payment, it will deduct this off the offline transaction I created.

I thought this would be included in the offline transactions feature, because right now I have to manually reduce the value each month.

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This is built and is coming out for Emma Pro users.

If you are on iOS, just message live chat, we can enable it. :slight_smile:

Android is coming very soon.

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