Request: bigger font size, click areas, colours please

Please make the font size bigger

Also, please the click area of “See all” (transactions) on home screen bigger



Hey @Ericntd

Thanks for this suggestion - I’ve shared your feedback with the mobile team :blush:

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Can I echo this and add As an older user some of the font colour choices could do with looking at. The size and colour of the font under the main heading where it says £x remaining of £y is very hard to read.

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Hey @Rael99

Welcome to the Emma Community and thanks for letting us know about this.

Do you mean the numbers in the circle at the top of the Analytics tab?

You could put the app in scramble mode (More > Scramble) and then take a screenshot of any areas that you think are difficult to read :blush:

In this image there are 2 areas

  1. in the circle at the top where it says “left of …”.is hard to read.

  2. in the lower part of the image the small light grey text in each bar eg “Debt Repayment xxx over your budget”

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Great, thanks for sharing the screenshot.

I’ll share this feedback with the team so they’re aware :blush:

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As a slightly older user (I’m 53) I really struggle to use gui features which have small grey text on coloured backgrounds.The amount remaining for each category on the analysis screen is really bad for this. I just can’t read it. Which makes it difficult to use day to day. I suggest it probably isn’t great for accessibility in general for users who may struggle as a result of poor eyesight.


I’ve had trouble with some of the colours as someone who is partially colour blind. Pastel hues look lovely, but may not be the most accessible palette


Hey @AlexD

Welcome to the Emma Community and thank you for letting us know about the grey text.

I’ll share this with the designer so they can keep this in mind!

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