Renaming and re-categorising transactions

I really like the idea of renaming transactions to make clearer what transactions relate to as account reference isn’t always clear when looking at bank transaction on bankstatement. But found that when you rename a transactions, the select all transactions doesn’t always pick the right transactions, I.e. picked a credit card transaction and when I renamed to label as which credit card i.e. Amazon, it would select transactions which were payments relating to other credit cards I.e. Aqua and Capital One, this meant that I would have to rename individually and therefore a nightmare to rename. Even renamed transactions on different accounts.
If you could maybe add an option to filter transactions when renaming by source account where the original transaction originated and transaction reference, then the renaming would be more consistent and easier to identify transactions after rename.

Was the transaction reference “Amazon”?

The bank reference was something like that or AMAZON CARD REF XXXXXXXXXXXXX and the Aqua transaction was AQUA CARD REF XXXXXXXXXXX

But would also select and rename transaction on different accounts so if rename the payment on amazon, it also selected transactions on aqua

Although maybe card was Vanquis as think Amazon and Vanquis are from Newday

This already happens.

The similarity is computed on the transaction reference. :slight_smile:

Wasn’t working correctly for me then as I would rename a transaction to “Amazon CC - Payment Received” on the amazon account and would then go the Aqua or Vanquis account and see a transaction called “Amazon CC - Payment Received”, would then rename to reference Aqua instead and then go back to Amazon account and see all them renamed.

Then do the same on the current account, rename a transaction with reference for Amazon and rename and select all, then when looking another transaction with bank reference for Aqua, and will have the Amazon name I just gave