Rename transactions automatically renamed linked subscriptions

I found that when I renamed a transaction, the subscriptions didn’t get the rename and had to try to remember what name I gave the transaction to replicate the same name on the subscription. Doing so would help link the future commitments to the transactions paid and think would make it a bit easier to manage.
Can’t remember seeing but if could apply a category to the subscription like the transaction, then future budgeting could be usual for seeing where money will go.

Hey Dan,

Thanks for mentioning this - going to find out from the team if there’s a reason that it doesn’t automatically change the subscription name

Interesting idea too about adding categories to your subscriptions. I group all my subscriptions under the bills category so I can see all the info together, but appreciate other people might want to group them in more detail!

Hi yeah, for example Spotify and amazon prime might be better under entertainment rather then bills as they are optional
Might want to separate shopping subscriptions as well cause again they aren’t a bill, not totally like a utility bill