Recategorization + Magic


Every time I recategorize a single transaction, I see on the confirmation screen and it says “…started learning from your edits…magic”.

I was wondering if changing a category once, basically will make all future transaction from the same merchant go to the new category or not.

If it applies the recategorization forward to new transactions, it may be nice to have a checkbox to indicate that this recategorization is one-off. I think that would be helpful for bigger merchants for which most transactions go to one category but there are also instances of transactions that are being moved to more specific categories.


Hey @thorben!

If you make three or more changes to a similar transaction, the app will be able to remember your previous edits and adapt future transactions :blush:

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Hi @rebekah!
Is that a straight “if categorized as X 3 times then always categorize as X” or is there some additional logic regarding other categorizations of the same merchant? I’m wondering if I’m going to end up categorizing all my Amazon transactions as pet related bc of my monthly treat and food subscriptions generating 3 transactions!
If I’ve categorized a merchant 3 times as X and then 3 times as Y, will it change to Y?
If I do 2 times X, 1 time Y, 1 time X, will it pick up the X?
I appreciate any clarity you can provide, I know some things may be considered proprietary “magic” :grin:

Hiya @detritus,

To the best of my understanding, if it is categorized as X 3 times in a row then all future transactions will be categorized as X. This is unless you manually recategorize it 3 times in a row back to Z.

If categorize one transaction as X, the next two as Y, and the next as X, the learning won’t kick in and future transactions will be categorized as X

Just to add an additional note here - there is a known bug where Emma stops learning if you categorise a transaction to a custom category. The team have this on their to-do list to resolve :wink:


Thanks for the clarification, @Joel!
Have a happy weekend, everyone!

Any chance of adding a “Don’t show this message again” checkbox? On my phone it takes a couple of seconds between each of the steps to recategorize a transaction. So seeing this message which I’ve already seen a hundred times is an annoying (tiny) waste of my time.

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Yeah that could be a nice idea - will pass it on :bulb: