Change category suggestion

When changing categories, please display current categories of the additional transactions to select!

I’m just starting, and I have a ton of Amazon transactions. Some are business expenses, some are groceries, and some are shopping. But when I go to change categories of multiple transactions at once, I can’t tell if I’ve already changed the category for a transaction or not, so something that I already classified as a business expense might get inadvertently changed to shopping :confused:

Do you mean on this screen?

Yes, precisely!

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We can definitely do this.

Thanks for the suggestion!

It will be in the next app update. :slight_smile:

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Wow, that’s awesome! Thank you! :heart:


Now that I’m properly awake after a mid-day nap and can formulate a proper response, I have to say my mind’s blown by this response. BRAVO!
I see you’re still a pretty lean shop, although you have openings for a designer and a few devs…if you start thinking “Maybe we should hire a product owner,” I’ve got my resume ready! Until then, you’ve certainly won a devoted user. (The app all by itself was pretty far along the path of winning me over, but this is chef’s kiss)
Thank you!