Removing subscriptions - "Inactive" vs "This is not a subscription"

When removing a subscription, what’s the thinking behind having two options:

  1. “Inactive” and 2. “This is not a subscription”

Why not just have “This is not a subscription”?

I have lots of former subscriptions listed in my “Inactive” list but not sure why this list might be of use to me (or others)?

This is not a subscription fully removes it from the UI.

Inactive means is not currently active. In my case, I would see a past energy provider or broadband and so on.

I get the confusion and probably we should just feature the active ones.

Thank. Yes, I understood the effect that each option produced.

What I don’t understand is why the inactive list/option is considered worth having (in case I’m missing something in choosing the “this is not a subscription” option).

In some cases, the app would put as inactive things that are active (like an annual subscription), so a quick edit fixes it. We also thought it would be nice to have some historical data there.

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