Removed subscriptions keep appearing

I noticed that I had quite a long list of inactive subscriptions, so I’ve removed a lot of them by selecting “This is not a subscription”. A few hours later, some of them are back again in the list, so I remove them again in the same way. A few hours later, they are back yet again. And so on…

Not only that, but after removing a number of those inactive subscriptions, one of them keeps popping back up in the Active list and appears on the Emma home page, despite removing it.

I’ve reached out to support - just wondered if anybody else is seeing something similar?

Hey @MikeZ ,

Thanks for reporting!

We’ve just got back to you on chat so we can gather more information on the issue :wink:

Hello. Can confirm this happens to me also. Just deleted three subscriptions which I marked as not being subscriptions over the weekend.

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Can you reach out to live chat?

Same here…another issue with Emma. Frustrating.