Notification badge number

Not sure if this is a bug or an oddity on my account so posting here to see if anyone else has the same problem:

I usually open Emma every day and recently, whenever I get a notification from Emma it’s badging the app and incrementing the number by one each day even though I’m only getting one notification e.g. I got a notification yesterday confirming I made a payment but the badge was showing the number 10. This morning I had a notification of a direct debit and the badge was at 11 but there was only the one transaction. I only really noticed this last week so I’m not sure how long it’s been going on for - might be 11 days but may be shorter!

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We can definitely check this; but it sounds a OS issue.

We had a guy who couldn’t remove the badge from the app and was going crazy at some point. I get this all the time on my iPhone for other apps and it’s a bit weird.

Has anyone else seen it?

I had this - incrementing each time a notification appeared. It seemed to fix itself (?!) but today when my weekly report notification came, the badge showed 5 notifications

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I deleted and re-installed Emma earlier to see if it’d fix it. After I entered my email address I briefly left the app and noticed the the badge had appeared with the previous high number but after fully logging in it disappeared. I got a notification of my weekly report earlier and the badge count was showing 1 so I’m hoping it’s fixed…

We can double check this. It sounds like a super weird behaviour. :slight_smile:

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It seems deleting and reinstalling is only a temp fix as the badge number is creeping back up again.

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I was checking this over the weekend and I keep getting it with tons of other apps, not really sure what we can do on our side.

We just send a notification with a badge count, like +1.

Hmm, Emma is the only app I see this with.

Are you guys all on android?

I’m on iOS

Okay, thanks for letting me know.

iOS for me too

This must be @antonio fault.

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I was just going to start a thread about this but found this one. I’m having the same issue, I don’t see it with any other app. Today the badge said 33, but the alert bell icon in the app only had two messages.

34 today :grinning:

What device are you on?

iPhone 11, ios 15.2

It’s back down to ‘1’ again currently; possibly due to earlier reboot to install 15.2.1

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