Reclassify Investments

Whilst flicking through Income and Spending summaries from previous months on the Analytics tab, I became alarmed that I had over spent in some months. Panicked, I broke out in a cold sweat and dug deeper to understand the reason for the overspend. Had I splurged on holidays or shopping? Had I gone on a bender and got so intoxicated that I’d forgotton about it? No. It was due to investments. I felt relieved that I hadn’t spunked a load of cash (assuming that the investments don’t tank), but it got me wondering why investments are classified as spending when savings are not. Maybe it could be handled better by introducing a 3rd bar to the bar chart for savings and investments. So we have 1) income, 2) spending, 3) savings and investments and the number at the bottom which shows the delta. Keen to hear your thoughts.


Hey @dn1982, thanks for sharing!

We generally put all the savings in the Excluded category - if the accounts are linked; we never considered them as part of the budget.

We added an investment category because we know we can’t link with these accounts - so they need to go somewhere, but I would suggest to set a Total Budget (to track spending) and exclude everything that is not a spend. :wink:

I actually dislike this default behaviour for money that is being moved to savings from my monthly income. I want such transactions included in my outgoing data, albeit as a save/invest outgoing.

What I do is mark my regular (monthly) saving/investment transactions as investments even if they are going to savings accounts I have connected to Emma. This allows me to see how much of my income I am saving/investing and how much is being used for other spending.

On the savings accounts that receive these transfers I keep the incoming transaction marked as excluded so it does not count twice as income.

For ad-hoc movement of money between my accounts (just shuffling money around) I keep both incoming and outgoing transactions excluded.

So like @dn1982 I’d find it useful if the summary graphic included an Saving/Investment bar. Actually, I’d suggest going one step further and having four bars/categories in the graphic

  1. Income
  2. Saving/Investment
  3. Committed spending
  4. Other spending