This week you spent card - Feedback

Don’t include Savings and Investments in “this week you spent”
It feels like metric you would like to keep reducing, or something being a warning that you need to take a look what you bought


Agree. I suggested this previously…

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Just mark them as excluded and they won’t show the next time. :slight_smile:

The app learns, so next time they should be automatically marked as such before generating the report.

ps: if you are referring to the card in the feed, they are already not counted - if excluded.

I know, I am switching them between Investments and Excluded and can’t decide what is better right now. Because at the same time It is very satisfying to see how much I invested in Analytics - seeing bar diagram for every month


I think this misses the point.

Like @michalzxc I would want my savings/investments tracked. I just don’t want them lumped in with spending because saving/investing is something distinct to other spending. Marking saving/investing as excluded removes these transactions from spending but it also removes them from analytics.

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I second this :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


I have noticed this too, if I have invested it, it’s more like an ‘internal transfer’ as it’s still mine and not ‘spent’

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Would be good to be able to exclude my bill account from “This week you spent” on my Feed. I have a separate account for spending but don’t want to hide my bill account as this also hide my subscriptions.

Hey @heyitstom

If you click into the transaction you can press exclude from analytics - would this work?

Unfortunately this also excludes the transactions from the Bills category so I’m unable to compare bills from pay period to pay period.