Random thoughts of code

Currently, there are numerous suggestions about modifying aspects of the app to make it more visually pleasing. Simultaneously, many competitors are either falling out of the market or being acquired. Is there a way to make the app open source for developers while restricting the extent to which it can be forked? This could potentially create an additional revenue stream, by maintaining the fundamental, revenue-generating aspects within the code.


Is this a good or bad thing? :sweat_smile:

Depends how you look at it, for you yes but for us consumers not much other than a missing gimmick, but those said gimmicks used alongside a USP such as being one of very few companies left in this field which aren’t resorting to selling customer data? And are those gimmicks enough to bring in the market share? That correlates with the topic to some degree. :sweat_smile::joy:

This would be a very small share.

I’d be happy to do a free API, but we haven’t had the time to expose one, so you can push transactions, receipts, basically anything.

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An API would be cool, please let me know if it becomes a reality. :joy: