APK Breakdowns to obtain future features

Is there anyone savvy enough to do APK breakdowns of apps ?

Means we could have healthy debates on competition based on real data :wink:

@edoardomoreni could we do something like this except for competitor apps :blush:?

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What do you mean? :slight_smile:

Sort of like this :slight_smile:

Sometimes it’s really funny, the community breaks down the code and starts highlighting new features Which haven’t been activated :wink: if we did our own version of this on the Community, one for yolt, snoop etc. we would get an early insight on what’s to come from the competition :nerd_face: community could discuss what they want from Emma and what they would like to see adopted :wink:

I think the Monzo thread is great for developers because people are building on their APIs too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they know exactly what they’re doing when they have upcoming features hidden in the code for people to find and use it as a hook, as they know developers will not only talk about it, but also start building for it, which they can also learn from.

Not sure if a thread like that adds enormous value to the Emma community. I’m not into the technical teardowns, plus the team seem pretty transparent sharing what they working on. However, no harm in adding a thread, of course (and you’ll probably find me commenting because I can’t help myself :joy:)

Side note on a similar topic:
I’m working on a high level comparison document of about 70 features across AISPs (Open Banking Account Aggregators). I’m doing this as part of some content research but I think it will be quite insightful and I have a suspicion that Emma will come out near the top.

When I have the first draft, I’ll open source it and publish, so anyone can suggest updates.

I very much look forward to seeing some of your work :blush::blush: I don’t know :thinking: guess I let my inner fintech nerd get the better of me :joy: but for the purpose of discussion and debate, if an engineer is in the community and they’re willing to do a quick tear down to see if there is any valuable code new or old and if there is ! Post it on the forum so we can natter about it, possibly establish if any of these key points that would be valuable with the rest of the group And find possible sought after functions :partying_face: