In-Game Currencies (minecoins / Robux / V-Buck etc)


A thought that came into my head on my cycle in this morning was - Is there a away to aggregate gaming currencies?

These currencies are huge and for a lot of people will be a significant proportion of there savings. Whilst people got excited about crypto, here’s a set of digital currencies that people use daily and will become more and more important to people over time.

As a parent, I’d love to keep track of what coins my kids have available in the same place as all my other money data. I’m unsure as to whether this information is opened up as an API but I think this would be a killer feature.

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But every game has its own coin, right?

Yes. So each game would be like a bank on its own.

Would be cool to see my Clash of Clans coins. eheh

But in this case, it’s a matter of APIs pretty much.

We could, in theory, reverse engineer their mobile APIs to figure out coins/stats; but would take a while.

Finally the feature I needed so I can see my Robux in the app :sob::joy::joy::joy: being suggested

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