Emma Spaces: First Look ✨

Coming soon to Emma is a new feature called Spaces! :sparkles:

This feature will let you view a group of accounts in a set space.

For example, you could put your own accounts in space 1, and any joint accounts in space 2.

The idea is that you can then flick between your spaces, and can even invite people to view your space.

What do you think? Really interested to hear any initial thoughts you have about this?


Nice - this sounds really interesting!

My only question would be, within the space will it still segregate by everyday/savings/loans etc. or will all types of account just appear in one list?

We’re playing around with all the designs but I don’t think we’ll show them in just one list.

Would you prefer one list, or do you like the current setup of everyday/ savings/ loans etc?

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Sounds cool.

A couple of questions:

  • will it be possible to set different budgets in each space?
  • if yes, will it be possible to manually re-assign transactions between spaces? For example, the odd payment from the personal account that should be included in the family budget

Hey @Luricher

Yep, you’ll be able to set budgets by space.

This is a great question - I’m not sure you’ll be able to, but let me chat to the rest of the team and I’ll get back to you!

When are you launching this?

Hey @23bluebell

We’re hoping it’ll be out in the next 3-4 weeks! :raised_hands:

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Hey @rebekah! Just on the spaces, with regard to being able to invite people to view your space, will this allow – say you and a partner, or you and a housemate – to track your joint finances using Emma?

Hey @botty :wave:

Yep exactly!

We also think it could work well for business accounts that you might want to keep separate from your everyday accounts :blush:

Amazing! Thanks @rebekah

Just another quick one: which tier will this be available from? e.g. free, Pro, Plus, etc.

This will come under Emma Ultimate :blush:

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Quick demo is here: https://twitter.com/edoardomoreni/status/1468987689798144006

Adding support for this! I joined Emma over the weekend and am loving it!

My interest was based on simplifying my Joint spending with my wife (1x current account + 1x credit card) but I plumbed in all my personal accounts too (1x Amex + 1x current account). It soon became too noisy and my goal of simplifying joint spending became harder.

So I removed all my personal accounts and now use it solely for joint spend. Spaces would be a perfect solution (Space for personal + Space for joint), however looking at it being tied to Emma Ultimate at £125.99/yr would probably mean I just stick to single-use for Joint.

No question or complaint - just adding a use case to the knowledge base!

Hi All,

Now that we’re releasing a new design for the Emma App, Spaces doesn’t really have a home now.

For those with the new Emma design already, where do you think Spaces should go?