Primary space. Why can't I share?

Please tell me why I have signed up for the ultimate subscription just to use the spaces but I can’t even share the primary space with my husband?

When I try and switch them all the categorisation I have inputted doesn’t follow!

Is there a way of sharing your primary space, if so how and if not why not? Surely that’s the whole point of it?

Primary space is for you, the other groups is the shared accounts and for tracking third parties like business accounts. So it sounds like you want to share your transaction data with your husband’s Emma account not just the joint?

I think explained very well.

The primary space is intended for personal use, but no one is stopping you from moving every single account to another space and just use that with your husband. :slight_smile:

Hi, but when I change it from the primary space it doesn’t copy over the budget I have set up or the catagories

Hi @Claire.brown, every space has its own budgets, so they don’t copy over. :slight_smile:

This was intended so you could keep a personal budget and a shared one.