Managing multiple accounts in one profile

So I have been using Emma to keep an eye on my finances, and it really is better than the rest.
But now I want to manage our household finances as well (my fiance and I).

For various reasons, we want to keep it semi-separate, our personal and joint finances.
Currently, the only way to do this via Emma is to create totally different accounts, which requires logging out and back in, etc. which really isn’t ideal. And REALLY don’t want to use 2 separate apps/services (one being non-emma and therefore in my opinion worse)
I really would like to be able to manage both (independently), even if I have to switch profiles or something like that. obviously, you would need to be able to link different bank accounts to each account or profile so that they get tracked separately
I am also more than happy to pay for the pro version if this was behind that paywall.


we are working on something called Spaces that will allow people to see analytics and stats in “buckets”.

Space 1
Personal accounts

Space 2
Joint Account

This doesn’t just apply to Analytics but also “budgets”. This means you can have separate budgets between the spaces. :wink:


that sounds awesome thanks!!

Looking forward to this.
will it be Pro feature? or part of the base offering?

Yes, it will be part of a premium offering.

You will also be able to share the “Space” with another Emma user and they will have premium privileges on those transactions (such as custom categories).


no timeline on this feature right?
As a software dev myself i know about delays and that it is sometimes hard to say.
Just trying to figure out if it is like 1-3 months away, or closer to 1 year

I hope we can release it in December, we should be on track.

It also comes with support for Business Accounts.

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I was going to ask about that as well (have a business I am running), but that was a secondary priority for me.
you will DEFINITELY have a premium member in me once those roll out


It’s exactly the feature I have been waiting for. I was hoping it would be part of the Pro offering:(

just wanted to confirm, this will be part of Pro, not plus, when it releases?
And pro includes all plus features, except more stuff on top?

Where can we sign up for a news letter on the release of these features?


This will be part of Emma Ultimate, you can track all our roadmap here:

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And we dont know the price of ultimate quite yet?

£10 pm is already fairly up there.
if it is £15 pm (based on the pricing tiers of existing stuff), it would push it a bit high I think.
Even if Emma is the best in my opinion, £15 pm put it outside of what I am willing to pay, unfortunately.
unless there is a really good discount if you pay for a year up front (so like £15 pm, but say £120 pa)

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It will be like this and give us room for adding a lot of products in the subscription.

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Any ETA on these features?

Emma Ultimate which comes with Spaces and Business Accounts is ready to go. We are testing it a bit, but hopefully we can go live next week.