Pending transactions sub-total

I’ve just had a particularly expensive weekend. While waiting for the transactions to move out of the pending status my ‘left of total budget’ figure and reality had parted ways temporarily.
I completely understand the issues that have been highlighted re pending transactions and their ability to change - hence why they can’t be editted etc.
However I think it would be useful if the pending transactions total could be shown somewhere, so it can be used for quick mental calculations. Not suggesting it be included in analytics, used in the left of budget calculation or anything like that. Just displayed as a convenience to save scrolling through pending transactions and adding them up manually.
Still loving the app, I’ve never felt so in control of my current account :slight_smile:


Great idea. Love it!

Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this idea. A card in the feed which summarises total pending transactions would be great.

My suggestion - use the “this week you spent” card. Rename the card “this week” and show two values on the card:

  1. Spent
  2. Pending

Also show both figures at the top of the transaction page (reached after clicking “more”)

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Reviving this topic as I’m interested in whether it was ever given consideration?

Furthermore, with the new design, my previous suggestion based on the “This Week” card is perhaps no longer relevant. Within the new design I think it would be really useful if there could be better visibility of pending transactions within Analytics.

I believe I’m correct in the following understanding of how Analytics behaves:

  • Spending total is the sum of category totals
  • Although pending transactions are listed within categories, they do not contribute to category totals. Therefore they are not represented within the spending total.

Because of this, I feel there is a big blind spot when it comes to pending transactions within analytics.

I suggest that either of the following would help:

  1. Include pending transactions within category totals
  2. Create a separate pending transactions section within analytics so that we can see how much funds we have in a pending state across all accounts.

My preference would be for option 2, but I feel either option would be better than the current behaviour.