Credit card bill

I would like to be able to put a pending transaction in for my credit card bill so that I can see the effect on future balance.

For some credit cards the pending transactions automatically appear in the Emma transaction list (e.g. Amex). But I’m not sure if the pending transactions influence the analytics (left to spend, etc).

So perhaps there are two parts to this

  1. Can Emma provide a way to manually enter pending transactions when they are not automatically provided by the card company?

  2. Do pending transactions even feed into the analytics?

Hey @RodFJH :wave:

Pending transactions aren’t counted towards in your analytics.

If you’d like to see how pending transactions would impact your balance, use the manual feature in Emma Pro. Here you can manually add transactions representing your actual pending transactions

Excellent Thank you Joel. That fixes the issue.

Perhaps it would be good idea to include them?

Especially over the weekend when you have to wait several days for pending transactions to post and therefore contribute to sense of where you are with your budgeting.

Whilst some pending transactions do change amount, my experience is almost all remain the same.

Can you explain how to add a manual transaction, I can’t find that option

Sure! You’ll first need to create a manual account - I would call this account something like ‘Pending Transactions’ if you’re going to use this to track pending transactions.

To create a manual account, go to the More tab > Select Emma Pro > Select Manual Accounts. Create a manual account and then you’ll see the option to add a transaction :slight_smile:

Likewise - certainly a conversation to be had

Completely share the same situation. @Joel Is there any reason why not to include pending transactions to Analytics? They don’t change anyway. And if Emma were to help people to have a clear view of our budget, then it really have to reflect the reality faster and accurately.

Hey @estera! :wave:

Thanks for your comment :blush:

Speed and accuracy is something we’re constantly looking for ways to improve!

In terms of not including pending transactions, I guess the main reason we don’t include them in analytics is that the date, name, or transaction amount can change and we don’t want to include the wrong info!