Notifications In Emma 🔔

We’re thinking about changing the way we show you notifications in Emma…

The plan is to remove notifications from the Feed tab, and instead show them on a screen like this :point_down:

What do you think? :thought_balloon:

Looks good!

Will it house all prior notifications or just the last few?

Just like Revolut!

BTW, is there some reason the “you’ve just received money” notifications don’t show the transaction?

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We are thinking to add everything, so you can also go back in time.

This is how we built it at first, but it might be that we implement a logic to reset the list.


The plan is to add a button that navigates there.

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If it includes absolutely everything it might be good to have a filter. There’s probably a lot of notifications which are useful at the time but just add noise in a permanent list (e.g. the “guess what” notification in the screenshot in the opening post).

Or perhaps a way to pin notifications.

What type of notification do you think you’d want to pin?

I mean, all and any. You might want a reminder to act on a payment or to look back at a new feature etc.

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