Offline Accounts with stocks calculation

I didn’t try yet the offline account so it may be the wrong place to add that.

but what I was thinking is that if I could add a stock symbol (e.g. TWTR or VUSA) and the unit quantity I have, it would be possible to calculate the total price of the stocks automatically using public apis.

if we would have the ability to add some unit automatically at a certain dates (aka vesting date) it would be even more amazing.

With this i would personally not need anymore the integration with Vanguard and Fidelity.


Yes, we have been working on this feature - it’s in our backlog.

At this point, it’s pause cause we are building the ability to buy/sell stocks in Emma. It should come out next month or in January.

Who need stocks, when we have cryptocurrencies? :smirk:

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This could also be applied to crypto even if it would probably be needed for very new/minor ones :P. (all my crypto are in binance, so I didn’t test the emma crypto addresses integration).

Anyway big public company typically gives you bonuses in their own stocks, so in cases like that is not really your option until you vest.

Yes, we have an open ticket for Bitcoin.

For some reason I am not able to add individual cryptocurrency wallets to Emma, it just shows error :cry:

I am on Pro plan, for now

Regards ReMi

Can you message live chat? More->Support.

Tried live chat, support guys are not able to fix. Not knowledge about crypto.