Customizable Balance notification

Where as I feel that balance notification is one of the best feature of the Emma, it remained same since its birth. As it fit only some accounts because of may be limitation of the iOS but atleast Emma could make this customizable like where I can choose the banks I want to include in the notification. So everyone can set their priority and get the update for the one needed the most.

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This si something we have been discussing internally for a long time, but have never had the chance to get it done.

I think we can use a similar UI as the organise my Feed to then prioritise the accounts in the message.

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Came here to give a similar suggestion - the ability to choose what info is in the notification would be amazing.

Iā€™m thinking along the lines of bank balance, total remaining budget and current daily spend amount. This info at a glance would give a lot more value (at least to me) from Emma.