Custom daily balance notification


I wanted to know if there is a way (other than hiding an account) to remove some of the account displayed in the daily balance notification.

The reason is that most of my balances do not change much over the period of a month (all my savings, or my account for subscription and rent) so I don’t care about having every day a notification for their balance, but I do not want the app to ignore those account either.


Hey @mel,

Thanks for this idea! It’s a great one.

Out of curiosity, how many accounts do you have that you would want notifications for?

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Continuing on the discussion I feel that there should be a way to customize which account I want to see the balance notification for.

Now Emma just send for all the account in order…I have more than 20 accounts connected and I don’t even want all 20 accounts notifications. Rather I would get to choose the Priority is beneficial.
To go little extent like weekly card and monthly review card of account balances with their increase and decrease like my X account balance is increased by 1000 from last month ending date balance.