Noticed my bills increasing when using Emma


I recently noticed that some of my bills increased in Emma including my Sky wifi and I am now suddenly being charged £2 extra per month.

I never got a letter informing me of this and the only reason I opted for Sky was because of the price compared to other people.

Do you think this is something that I should contact them about? I know it’s only £2 a month but it kind of defeats the point of me cutting down on bills?

Would love to hear your thoughts and if anyone else has experienced this?


My council tax has gone bananas recently, but I didn’t have time to investigate and figure out why. :rofl:

I would make sure the contract hasn’t expired. They might have put you on a different one.

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Isn’t that just the new tax year? They always seem to do a different number for April to then give a nice round number every other month.

To make mine even more confusing, they divide the annual total by 10 and I don’t pay anything on 1March/April.

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Yes, that’s because it’s a new tax year! It always goes a bit weird come April and the price tends to rise slightly.

You can split your payments across 12 months Alex, I do this to lower the monthly costs!

It’s weird because it’s definitely not been a year since I joined sky but I am going to look into it.

Sky put up their prices in April. They include a provision to do this in the small print T&Cs. There might be options for you to leave depending on your situation. The link below has details:

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Thank you!!! I will definitely look into it. The internet reception is really bad where I live, so it would be good to get an honest account of the best internet providers out there :face_with_monocle:

Didn’t know this. :sweat_smile: