My joint account is making me look like I’m overspending!

I’ve just downloaded this app and really like it but the fact that it’s counting my joint account as if I’m the only one spending out of it is really frustrating. It would be great if I could say that ‘x’% of the joint account’s outgoings are my outgoings. Or even just halve it for now! I’ve seen a few of these threads from 2019 and more recent but am wondering when this will actually be a new feature? It feels like such a blatant one but like it’s being put on a back burner consistently.

I do also find the app a bit judgy? the tone of it makes me feel a bit shit about my spending when really I want to feel encouraged to manage my money a bit more wisely! The mission of the app is great I’m just not sure it’s striking the right chord.

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Hey @angryghost,

the best way would be to hide that account and use the app.

In the next month, we are going to release Spaces, which will allow you to separate the entire app into groups of accounts (you put all your personal ones in a Space and then join in another). This will solve the problem. :slight_smile:

Temporary solution would be a to split each bill/spend that comes out of your Joint account, and then exclude the portion that you don’t pay. I’ve been doing this since I got Emma in 2019, so also really looking forward to a smoother way of splitting bills and expenses!