Nominate a 3rd Party for remote access

Hi! :wave: I use Emma Pro to manage my mother in laws finances due to her age, I was wondering if you’ve considered like a 3rd party option, remote assistance would certainly drive the eldery demographic in my opinion and having an edit lock as I constantly have to readjust the transactions.

This seems like a very niche use case to me. Although it’s noble to help manage your mother in laws finances I don’t think even my parents would want me to see theirs!.. There’s spaces coming as part of a premium account to split joint accounts or partner’s accounts off - I think that’s probably as close as you will get

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It certainly is a niche case, but you’d be surprised, specially the common elderly grandparents etc. so taking in modern mobile banking apps are a handful and can’t absorb information as well as they could.

They like to be independent but at the same time, get overwhelmed with tasks which we’d define as simple. IE, Checking spend, Merchants, managing subscriptions.

Maybe even introduce an concierge/lite/ read only version of Emma for the elderly and Vulnerable.

You can currently install Emma on multiple phones, so that could be a solution for you. It’s actually already pretty secure, because just having access to Emma doesn’t give you access to any of the bank login data - your mother in law would keep full control over that. In fact, I think using Emma to keep an eye on her finances could be a nice compromise between her remaining in control and you getting reassurance that she’s safe and supported.