Spend against Budget for earlier months

Hi, is it possible to view my spend against budget for a previous month?

I can see my total spend for each category or each merchant but not each category against the budget set for that month.



I just need you to clarify. We have a pie chart in analytics where you can see the proportional spend for each category, totaling based on the budget. You can view the analytics from the previous months as well.

Let me know if it’s the right guess.

Hi, thanks for your comment but it doesn’t quite get me there. What I’m looking for is how much I spent on each category last month, the month before etc and how that compares to the about I had budgeted for each of those months.

The pie chart does show me the spend for each category but I can’t see if was on, over or under budget.


You can see the categories from the previous month and how much you spent (under, within, or over). Is that what you are looking for?

Hi, yes that is exactly what I want but when I go to that budget page I can only see three current month.

Is there a way to get back to earlier periods?



OK, ignore me, I’ve worked it out!

For the Analytics it sends like you select the month at the top left but for budgeting you swipe right or left!


Yeah, that’s right! Happy to be helpful. Let me know if you need anything else.

Separate but related, but I’d love to be able to see month on month per budget / payee expressed as a trend graph.

Do you have an example for this?

So, on the budget page, which I click on a category or payee, I’d like to see the same graph that you see when you click on net worth but for that category/payee.