New Year Resolutions ⚡️

Has anyone set any NY Resolutions this year?

Either financial or just general resolutions!

I have two this year:

  • Add a third of my income into savings each month
  • Read one book a month
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That’s a good goal to have, a third of your income.

I usually make a good few of them each year but I’m keeping it simple with just 2;

  1. Take more holidays (where and when possible!!)

  2. Reduce impact on environment consciously by reviewing what I buy, use, and own.

Thanks! Being in lockdown for a couple of months will definitely help with this - we’ll see what happens after that :laughing::crossed_fingers:

I’ve seen a few people mention this! After all these restrictions no one will want to turn down invites to holidays ever again haha.

This is a great resolution (and something I need to get much better at!) Any tips on how you plan to do this?

I’m using an app that connects via Open Banking to assess my carbon footprint and let me offset this. Not ideal but better than not.

I’m going to start using a no-waste shop where you bring your own containers and try to reduce my waste. There’s a lady in New York who has a jar of rubbish for about 3 years and I would love to get close to that one day.

The first thing I am doing (for some unknown reason to torture myself) is to try and make a draft excluder for the front door from old clothes and junk. I’ve not had the heating on ever and want to keep it that way since it’s gas and not green.

This sounds very cool - what’s it called?

Two of my friends are in the process of opening a shop like this in Hackney! Called Tuck Shop :blush:

Haha, you’ll have to let us know how you get on with this! :laughing:

Check out Yayzy

I can’t open the link as I don’t use any social media, Instagram in this case 🤦

I know it sounds super old school but do Tuck Shop have a website please? :joy:

Noo they don’t have a website yet, just Instagram, although they are planning on making one when they have more details about exact location/ opening dates etc!

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For anyone thinking about setting some financial goals this year, we’ve just published a new blog post that talks about:

  • the benefits of setting goals,
  • the goal-setting process,
  • and things that can help you achieve your goals more quickly! :money_with_wings:

Have a read and let us know what financial goals you’re working towards :rocket:

I have three goals for this year:

  1. Curse less. It’s become a big part of my vocabulary, and I’m better than that. I need to get more creative with my expressions of emphasis. I’m only allowing myself to curse when I talk about politics.

  2. Take care of my feet. It’s sounds weird and gross, but my feet are essential to my retirement plans of travelling the world and eating ham. And if they’re not healthy, no travel, no ham. So, lotions, good shoes, good socks (it makes a difference!), and proper padding at my standing desk. There may be a first ever pedicure in my future, too. I’ve heard it’s to die for.

  3. Financially, I’ve made a deal with my wife that we would only spend $20 CAD/week at Starbucks. That sounds like a lot until you consider I buy fancy coffee and tea for 8 people. I won’t tell you what it was before Jan 1. Shameful.


I love all 3 of these. I don’t swear really so I’m good on 1 but 2 and 3 I am in for!

Walking for a large fancy coffee is something I enjoy most days, but I just need to stop as I have a coffee machine at home!

Perhaps you should start a swearing jar? Every time you swear add $1 into a pot. If you wanted to be really strict with yourself, every time you swear that’s $1 less you can spend on coffee :sweat_smile:

This has got to be the best retirement plan I’ve ever heard! I haven’t really thought about the impact of shoes/ socks on my feet long term but I guess you’re right - googling “good socks” now :joy: