Do you set financial goals?

Hey everyone,

Hope you all had great weekends!

It would be really great to understand what kind of money goals everyone was working towards at the moment? Or even if setting goals/ targets is something you like to do?!

For me, my next big financial goal is saving enough money to put down a deposit on a London flat :grimacing:

@rebekah - I’ve just completed that goal and it’s good fun but hard work.

My current goal is 6 months salary saved just in case. I have always kept a little aside just in case, but Covid-19 despite largely not affecting the company I work at, got me worrying about “what if” suddenly I wasn’t able to work or was furloughed.

Next up after that is buying a little boat to get back on the water.

@jase Six months salary sounds like a really solid savings goal :money_with_wings:

I think the “what if” scenario has been playing on a lot of people’s minds lately! Job security is something that most people probably haven’t had to think about too much, but at the moment it could happen to anyone…:pensive:

And a little boat :heart_eyes: what kind of boat would you get? and where would you take it?

I am a sailor, but I’m not going to buy another sail boat, I can’t afford to waste that amount of money. I want a little speed boat for the Thames, but the nice ones (without holes) are a little pricey, so I may need to buy an older one and repair it a little.

Haha my knowledge of boats is pretty limited, but I never knew people sold boats with holes in them :see_no_evil:

Amazing way to get a bargain if you know how to fix them up though!

Nobody said they would tell you the holes were there… :wink: That’s part of the fun! But only in warm weather.

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