Save Money On Food

Hey folks, happy Monday!

I know we’re right in the middle of the Eat Out To Help Out scheme, but apart from this, what are your favourite ways to save money on food (groceries & eating out)?

Do you have any unusual/ quirky tips that help save you money?

And no, just eating less is not an option hahah

Me: “Oh hey, shall we grab a low key drink at say 7pm?”

Them: “You’re welcome to come over mine. Have you eaten?”

Me: “No, that would be great! See you soon!”

The above and finally getting over my fear of use by dates. Growing up I hated best before, my family joked about how at midnight I wouldn’t eat the food as the day is over. I try now to put it on Olio but there are some things I will still eat a day or three later… less waste!

Tip #1 - eat someone else’s food :wink:

I’m with you on this one! It depends on what the food is, but things like veg I don’t mind eating past their best date as long as they look ok!

I find that planning your meals and doing smaller shops helps with food waste too - I try not to buy any new food until I’ve eaten what I’ve got at home!

Also I’ve heard of this, but never used it. How is it? Easy to use?

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It’s brilliant, I love it. I rarely use it for food, I haven’t taken any food but have given away. I’ve taken a couple of non-food items too.

I invested in Gively which is similar but nowhere near the scale. Give it a try :slight_smile:

Oooo downloading the app now!