Lockdown Money-Saving Habits

We know lockdown hasn’t been great financially for everyone, but a surprising amount of people are managing to save money for the very first time…

We’ve just published a new article on the Emma blog which looks at seven money-saving habits that have been adopted in lockdown. Including cancelling unnecessary subscriptions, comparing deals, and doing a lot more around the house yourself (learning new DIY skills, doing your own beaity treatments etc!) You can read the blog post here: https://bit.ly/2IZ4Z40

Have you changed how you handle your money over the last year? Are you planning on sticking to these good money habits when the lockdown is (finally?) over?

I’m definitely planning to keep my buffer zone in place. Currently 6 months salary (net) saved to cover all outgoings such as housing, bills, food, travel etc… which if I needed to could be extended to cover 9 months or at a push 10. I want to get this to a year ideally.

I don’t know if I will keep to the less frequently socialising!!

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This is a great goal to work towards! I bet it’s such a great feeling to see that number going up and up!

Definitely will be increasing the socialising again when we’re allowed :joy: Although I did get really into hosting dinner parties (for those few weeks where people were allowed over), so I reckon that’s something that I’ll keep doing now!

I hope you send them home with gummy bears!!

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I’ve been able to create a 6 month emergency fund in the event I were to lose my job.
Great for one’s mental health knowing you have that backup during these times!

Also I’ve been able to spend the money I’d usually spend on going out into my investments which has been good to see going up.

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This is great!

That’s amazing - such a good idea to have that emergency fund!

Yesss, as much as I love going out, it has been nice to be able to save a bit more money!