Emma Ultimate is here!

We’re thrilled to announce this new subscription plan :tada:

Made with businesses, families, and the self-employed in mind, Ultimate introduces powerful new features like Spaces, Unlimited Bank Transfers and Business Accounts to help you take your finances to the next level :rocket:


The new Spaces feature allows you to group accounts together and independently set budgets and see analytics for them. It also allows you to share a Space with another Emma user, even if they don’t have Emma Ultimate :partying_face:

You can use Spaces to create a separate budget for a joint account, separate your business accounts from your personal accounts, manage family budgets in one place, and much more.

Business Accounts

Ultimate introduces support for UK Business accounts in Emma, including popular business accounts from Tide, HSBC, Barclays and more.

You can solely track business accounts or connect your business accounts alongside your personal accounts already connected in Emma.

Unlimited Bank Transfers

You can now make unlimited bank transfers between your accounts via the Emma app using Emma Ultimate. Particularly useful if you need to transfer large amounts to or from business accounts :magic_wand:

Try Emma Ultimate by going to the Upgrade tab in your Emma app. If you’re not currently subscribed to Emma Plus or Emma Pro, try Ultimate for 7-days free!


Though ultimate is per month what I’m paying up get pro per year, which I just can’t justify…

Will the downgrade happen automatically at the end of the trial back eg to pro, or does the subscription start and then you have to cancel completely?

I am not sure what you mean? Ultimate is yearly or monthly.

Congrats on shipping the new plan.

What are your thoughts on providing an embedded insurance product into a subscription plan? You previously mentioned a desire to offer accounts and cards for payments… I belive if this is the future plan for Emma then an imbedded insurance product should be a real value add within your subscriptions.

Yes, we are looking into this as well as providing a higher interest on savings accounts via the subscription.

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I love the introduction of Spaces, but that’s the only Ultimate feature that would be relevant for me: purely to see my joint account analysis separate from the rest of my (solo) accounts. So I won’t personally be upgrading, because I get essentially the same effect from using a different budgeting app solely for the joint account stuff. But I’m looking forward to living vicariously through seeing how others use Spaces! This is an exciting time to be an Emma user!

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Spaces would be useful but as mentioned by Gaolet - Ultimate is 12x what I pay for my pro sub at the moment. There is almost no feature set that would justify that!


The Compare section only shows the monthly fees. Should it show both?

I’m paying £14.99 a year for Pro.

Upgrading to Ultimate would be £14.99 a month or (currently with offer) £124.99 a year - normally £179.88.

I don’t see how you’ll convert many pro users on such low subscriptions to ultimate with such a big hike. Particularly if they then can’t downgrade to the previous pricing later on.

My question about the 7-day trial is whether you stay on the same subscription and price if you cancel the trial. Otherwise, it’s not even worth a trial.

It does feel like the pricing is a bit broken.


Do you have a roadmap for when additional banks and business accounts will be added. My business account is with Starling which isn’t on the list of banks in Ultimate. I wanting to compare functionality with Coconut

You can connect under Personal accounts. I seem to remember having to open the Starling app and the business account screen first, but it was ages ago, so maybe that’s changed.

Starling should really be on the list of business accounts…

Yes, we are checking this.

Since an app update today, I have an Upgrade button next to my Wise accounts. Tapping to view the accounts takes me to the upgrade page.

Is this expected behaviour?

Is this a business account? If not, can you message live chat?

You’re right, it’s only on the business accounts. Does that mean eg Starling and Revolut business accounts will also be unavailable on Pro soon?

Yes, with Emma Ultimate we are moving business accounts in the plan. They were already not available, but for some banks, the connections were present.

I can see how this will work with eg Starling, which has a separate connection for the business account. But Revolut does all your accounts through the same connection - just toggles to select what you want.

The block is only on the individual business accounts, the others are all fine.


With Spaces, is it possible to have an account in more than one space? My use-case is the following:

My partner and I have our own individual budgets, but we would also like to see our aggregate spending as a household in the same way. So we would both have all our accounts in our own Space, and also in our shared one.

Right now when I add an account to our shared Space, it goes away from my Primary Space and vice versa. Is this WAD, or is there currently a way to have an account in two or more spaces at once?

Hey @DanRoos,

at the moment, you either put it all in one bucket and share or you share just individual accounts. This feature was thought for sharing a joint or the entire bucket.

We can have a look at this for future updates, but there isn’t a way to duplicate so far. :slight_smile:

No disrespect I love the UI of Emma but I have been paying for the pro plan for around 2 years. I moved from Yolt which was also free to sync all my account balances.

But now it’s asking me to upgrade beyond Pro to Emma Ultimate, so £15 per month (£180 per year) in order for me to now view the balances of a couple of sole trader self employed Starling business accounts I use. This is something I used to be able to do for free on Emma. Yolt also never charged me to sync any accounts.

But now the game is being played of, ‘remove this feature and charge more than you are paying already to get this same feature back’ so a feature that used to be free is now not even available on the Pro Plan I am on. It’s only available on the absolute maximum priced tier of £15 per month.

I am really not int this style of subscribing and so I think this is where it ends for me and Emma as much as I love Emma I’d happily continue paying for the Pro and it’s good to see you bring features in for people to pay more for Ultimate but now the ability to view all of my balances in one place - Emma, was the baseline feature and reason I used Emma, which was free on Emma and also on Yolt when I used Yolt.

Now I have to either pay £15 a month to get the same as what I had before, keep it as it is which is currently on the Pro subscription without now what for me is the main reason I use Emma - to see all my balances and transactions in one place. Or finally, end the subscription with Emma, save money and view all of my balances manually by just tapping the app itself of the bank or adding it for free to my Revolut account.

I’m only really giving feedback because you seem like the type of CEO that actually takes feedback in and listens. I am not angry or anything for me it’s just sad I have been faced with a choice and the choice is to end my pro subscription with Emma after using it for so long. It’s almost like a ‘lose lose’ for both Emma and myself. Emma loses a pro user and I no longer have the benefit of Emma.

It’s just if I cannot see all my balances and transactions in one place this was the underlying feature and reason I used Emma everything else was a nice bonus. I can get this feature nowadays though for free although I was still happy to pay Emma and stay in the Pro sub.

It’s just not worth £180 a year for me to do this now.

I did upgrade to Pro though for the custom transactions around 2 years ago and it was worth the upgrade. This was my only reason to upgrade to pro.

Now I just don’t want to pay to go from Pro to Ultimate to get the same as what I had on Pro - to sync all my banks. Something that I used to get for free on Emma basically now I can not even get on the Pro tier plan.

And it also means there is no point staying on the Pro plan.

So this is sadly where it ends for me.

Peace out though you seem like a nice guy Edoardo, genuinely you do. So I thought I’d just share this as to why I plan to end my Pro subscription.