New Subscription Plan: Emma Ultimate 🚀

You may have seen on our roadmap that we’re planning to introduce a new subscription plan called Emma Ultimate.

Emma Ultimate will address families, business owners, and freelancers and will include the following features:

  • All the features in Emma Plus and Emma Pro
  • Support for Business Accounts
  • Spaces:
    • See your analytics in different buckets (Business/Joint/Personal)
    • Share your buckets with other people
  • Emma Ultimate Custom Icon

This will be priced at £125.99/yr and £14.99/mo.

Who’s excited to give it a go? :raised_hands:

Hey @rebekah @edoardomoreni I am a bit worried as a investor in the current crowd funding round. :cold_sweat:

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that Emma is pushing out Emma Plus, and Emma Ultimate to go alongside Emma Pro. No doubt this drives ARR and the VCs backing you have ARR as a key metric

However: ARR is a metric in the eyes of the investor, for their valuation of Emma, not a metric in the eyes of the everyday Emma user).

From a “net promoter score”, “making products that users love and can’t live without” perspective, if Emma is focusing a lot of energy on ARR monetisation instead of purely focusing on growth and product feature set, is Emma in danger of alienating the user by trying to make money from them too early?

Without a stronger feature-set mote, I can see Revolut eating Emma’s dinner by incorporating all of Emma’s features while charging a fee of £0 to their end users (as they make their money from merchant partnership agreements, crypto bid/ask differentials, insurance partnerships, etc)

They charge a lot of fees and that’s why they make a lot of money. :sweat_smile:

90% of Emma’s functionality is free and accessible. We’ll never put things behind a paywall.

On the contrary, I feel (just an opinion) that start up culture which promises the absolute world to users for peanuts, is unsustainable. Growth at the cost of any long term sustainability. And I don’t want Emma to explode into a supernova, because I love the app and want to keep using it :slight_smile:

So I’m happy to see Emma pursuing responsible revenue streams by charging for a premium product. And splitting it into three tiers will help cover more ground, just like how Apple has different storage tiers for iPhones :slight_smile:

But wow, these prices. Look, I don’t have the stats and so I haven’t done the maths and drawn up a demand curve but I just think they are so high, surely the optimal price/demand isn’t met here.

Emma has a premium subscriber base of what was it, 19%? I can’t remember, I deleted the email but I was impressed with the figure. But how many of those users are on a promotional price? That might mask any estimates of how many people might subscribe as the app grows…

I just think, if so many people I talk to wince at the idea of paying £2.30 a year for a premium weather app (CARROT crew represent!) then I can’t imagine what they would think about over £100 a year for this.

And myself, while I love Emma, cannot see myself paying more than I currently do for Pro, which is significantly less.

How exactly will that work?

Will each family member need an Emma Ultimate subscription (would get very expensive) or would only one family member need it?

One person can share multiple accounts with other people and have access to the Premium benefits.

I think that’s an issue with the subscription per se.

If we want to justify the price, we need to keep making it richer and that’s what we are working on.

How many other people?

Which premium benefits do the other people get?
Is it Plus, Pro, or Ultimate?

Also, what are Buckets?
There doesn’t seem to be a thread about Buckets.

The ones to edit categories (custom ones and so on).

Do you mean pockets? It’s like Monzo Pots.

So person paying subscription gets full benefit benefits of Ultimate and others in family just get ability to edit categories?

I don’t know. The opening post mentions buckets.


we meant that you can put 3 accounts in 1 Space and see the analytics for that space.

A lot of Premium editing functionality will be shared.

For example, user A creates a Space, adds 3 accounts in the Space, then shares it with user B.

User B will be able to see the analytics for the Space and also access custom categories and a few other features.

I was interested in the personal/joint spaces when it was first mentioned a while back but disappointed to see it’s going to be in a new subscription tier. That pricing is way too high for me. I guess it might be worthwhile for some if it’s a business expense but not for me.

So buckets was just used as an alternative term for spaces?

So user B (non-subsctiber) will get premium editing functionality just for the accounts in the space that has been shared with them but not on their other accounts outside the shared space?

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Yes, she was just describing the feature. :slight_smile:


We are basically building a way to use Emma with layers.

Will people who gets Emma Plus as part of crowdfunding get Emma Ultimate discounted? Spaces is a much appreciated feature I’ve been waiting for to use with my partner joint budgets for a while :grin:

So if a couple wanted to use Emma Spaces for joint accounts and also both have Pro features on accounts not included inside the shared Space, one would need Emma Ultimate (£126/year) and the other would need Emma Pro (£60 per year)?