*New Feature* Can you #beatmystreak?

Hey Everyone,

You might have noticed already, but we have added a cute little feature this week to the ‘More’ tab. If you scroll down to the bottom you can now see the number of times you have opened the app in a row.

If you don’t open the app for one day it will disappear.

So the question is who has the highest streak here?

Post your screenshots below :smirk::point_down:

I want to see @grant.m and @BendikHa screenshots.


The victory goes to @grant.m.

Would be fun to see what day I signed up as well, I have no idea how many days I’ve missed.


What a legend!!!

I agree. Is there a way to get this information?

We used to say the month and year, but then it was replaced by the magic link. :sweat_smile:

What about you guys!?

My number is way to low, but this is because the daily notifications I get in the mornings :stuck_out_tongue:

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I might be being thick, but I can’t see the counter in my app (on Android if that makes any odds)?

:joy: I suppose that’s a good thing! Our notification is doing it’s thing!

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If you haven’t opened the app in the last day you won’t have a streak. It is available for android and iOS!


This is definitely a high score!

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Daily notifications spoil my run… Just 5 for me…


noooooooo!!! I mean I will be completely honest I didn’t look on Sunday and it ruined my streak :cry:

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See… but now that I am aware of this, you will see me digging into the app everyday and getting minor heart attacks (checking balance and spending)… I have this sudden urge of getting the new Bose headphones :man_facepalming:

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haha that’s the idea!!

Also I hear that the Sony ones are just as good as Bose but cheaper. My bf bought a pair during the Black Friday period for a couple of hundred and they are amazing!

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Oh didn’t look yesterday and it’s gone! Lovely idea and next time it will be good. I am on a 1250 day streak with duolingo. But that’s different.
Happy days xx
Just busy running about today. A few years ago we had a walking group use the store when it was raining. They recon three times round wa mile. Yes probably is

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What language are you learning @Hans?!