Share your Emma Quests

I only have 3 quests left. :point_down:

Still have to get a reward and invite a couple of friends. :smiley: :smiley:

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I need four, a reward, upload a receipt (easy to do just keep forgetting to get receipts!) and invite the 2 and 3 friends - which I’ve done, and was told they’d be updated to reflect it but I’m still waiting!!

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ahahah, we can do this. Just need to ping one of our engineers. :laughing:

Best way to do that?

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I will ping @antonio to do this.

:bear: Bear in mind, the “invite a friend” quests unlock when your friends join and connect their first account (same as a “referral”). It seems like it might not have worked?

Yeah, I reached out on twitter and was asked to DM the emails of those who had signed up

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Yeah, we only added the referrals, but not the quests. We can do that.

Just need to sort one of the rewards and that’s me done!!!

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Ahahah, we need to add more rewards then! :wink:

Yeah, frustratingly there’s two I was already signed up to when you started them!

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PensionBee and ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Swing and a miss!

Naked wines and Pact Coffee

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ah! eheheh

I think Naked can be redeemed multiple times, but I’d need to check. :stuck_out_tongue: