Emma's Weekly Quiz

Hi guys!

Just starting a new topic because I’m interested in knowing how you’re getting on with the quizzes each week…

This week the questions were all centered around World Leaders. Did anyone get all the answers right?

If you’ve got any ideas for topics for future weeks then let me know! :raised_hands:

I’m not stupid but I don’t have much luck with the quiz. Shame you can’t change your answer after selection.

Do you publish the winners somewhere?

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Gave up on the quiz a while ago. Kept selecting an answer by mistake somehow, then losing… A few times of that and I gave up!

Not at the moment, but we are working on a winners leaderboard which will be pretty cool :trophy:

I quite like the fact that you can’t change your answer - it adds a bit more pressure/ excitement to it haha?

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I’ve got all 5 answers correct several times but have never won anything.

After getting all 5 answers correct, what is the approximate probability of winning the cash prize?


Same here, won a few quizzes, but never a sniff of the prize, always assumed that was just a gimmick and nobody actually won.


Will be fair when the winners are published.

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I don’t know the exact probability, but it’s a super popular feature so it’s not going to be that easy to win!

Also, we have to take into consideration that not everyone would want their name published as a winner? We’re currently brainstorming how we get around this :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t want my name published if I won.

But some data would be interesting. e.g. how many players got all 5 correct

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Yeah this could be something we look to add into the leaderboard :blush:

We are going to build a global leaderboard - you can opt out - and a bunch of other things, so we can make this super transparent in the app.

Did something go wrong with the quiz this week. It said I got the first question wrong. I thought I didn’t but perhaps I hit the wrong answer. Also when I open the quiz again it shows my score as 1 right but I only answers one question wrongly?

Surely people are winning… But unfortunately every time I got all 5 questions right I didn’t get lucky :upside_down_face:
@rebekah would it make sense to do a series of quizzes on financial topics (keeping it light) and getting something positive (knowledge) even if we don’t know an answer?

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Same here … I’m sure my Spice Girls answer was right (Wikipedia agrees with me) but Emma said “no”.

Would like to see when quiz prize draw is due to take place in the app and who winners are somewhere. Keep asking support about it but they aren’t very good at answering this.


Make anonymity an option is the obvious solution to this, but at least people will know someone is actually winning. Other apps I’ve seen have asked winners to optionally share a photo of themselves with the app which has then been shared on their social media and website (as an example)

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Regarding the probability, the stats would help with this. There could be a note when you win the quiz about how many other people had successfully got all answers right so far but this information could also be in the app or on a web page easily.


My quiz disappeared from my feed before I could do it?

It ends at 6pm on Sunday.

Thanks, I didn’t realise that!