New Feature: Auto Saving and Withdrawals of Bills

Step by step details of what this feature would do:

  1. When you recieve you income it would automatically transfer this to a nominated savings account of customers choice.
  2. From this savings account (prefereably chase as this is the only bank which allows savings accounts to have standing orders, as far as I am aware), it would automatically transfer the budgets for your bills when required each week/month/year depending on the frequency of the bills, to the account the bill we paid from.
  3. From this savings account, it would automatically transfer your weekly/monthly budget to a nominated current account.

The above is the basis at which I have budgeted myself previously, and believe this a great way to ensure all bills are paid on time and sticking to your budgets on a weekly/monthly basis.

This method will also pay interest to unused income untill it is used, making the most of the interest of savings account.

Hey @Danu1332,

that’s a great idea!

We have actually been thinking about automatic savings and right now there are two different solutions (direct debits and VRP via Open Banking). Our first use case would be to do roundups in the Easy Access Pots, but this can be extended to money management.

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Hi Eduado,

Thanks for coming back to me.

Think the auto saving is the easier part of the feature, the difficulty is with the auto withdrawals whenever they are they required.

Also, just a note alot of people will have round up and savings accounts with chase due to the high interest rates, so unless the rates of your saving pots match or exceed Chases not many would switch to the saving pots that you offer.

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Hi Eduardo,

Further to thus trail, I noticed Emma have increased the interest rate on their savings account. Im happy to switch my usual savings from chase to here. If this feature of auto saving and withdrawals can be implemented? Im not sure if this is a work in progress or not? Would really appreciate an update, if this is something you are looking into



Yes, we should be able to go close to 4% next month with another provider.

We are looking into this. :wink:


Very keen for this.

Instant access?

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Easy access - means you get the money the next working day.

Emma is not a bank, so we need to send the deposits to a bank and get them back.


Hi Eduardo,

Are you still working on this feature? As previously stated the interest rates have gone up more but it still isnt tempting to switch without having the auto saving and withdrawals feature implemented for bills. Do you have a rough ETA if you are working on this?

We are integrating a new payment system for our subscription plans that will also give us access to direct debits to do auto-saving features. :slight_smile: I don’t have an ETA yet, but in terms of priorities it’s very high.

Hey guys,

just to let you know, we are going to launch auto-saving by the end of March / first week of April!

We’ll be looking for beta testers so keep an eye on this. :soon:

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the interface:

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We are going to launch AI savings early April and we’ll be looking for testers. :eyes:

Would love to, can you give me brief run down of the fratures?

How do I try out this feature? I got notification in Emma app saying below:

Willing to test autosaves? • Ping live chat to get exclusive access to Autosaves in.

Emma Pots and start saving on autopilot.

Hey! Welcome to the Emma community. :purple_heart:

Just message our live chat, and our support team will give you access to test. Let me know if you have any issues with that.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. How do I message the live chat? Would this be through the app?

Yeah! Click on the top left with initials, press ‘Help’ on the top right, and chat with a human.

We have just enabled the feature for those who asked. You’ll find it in the Save tab. :slight_smile:

Quick update, guys: Emma Autosave will go live tomorrow!!