New Emma Pro Features

Hey guys,

I just wanted to give you a little update. :slight_smile:

In the next few days, we are rolling out:

  • Turbo Updates
  • Smart Rules
  • Savings Targets
  • Rolling Budgets

Turbo Updates and Smart Rules are already live.

We built Savings Targets after we got feedback from a survey we ran last month and Rolling Budgets was one of the most expected feature in the Pro plan.


Just tried the new smart rules. The “transactions detected” list is a helpful feature!

There has been talk in other threads of smart rules being updated to work with Monzo & Starling “details” field (which contains reference for outgoing bank transfers from these banks). it doesn’t seem to have been added yet. Is there a rough timeline for when that will be available?

Yes, this is a quick change which we haven’t added at first, but it’s already implemented. We just need to find the space to put it in. :slight_smile:

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Any progress here?

I still can’t use Smart Rules with Monzo due to the data from Monzo details field no longer being available in Emma. It’s now over 1.5 years!


it should be this month.

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We have heavily invested in Invest and the new savings features that are coming, but now have time to review savings goals (push notifications are coming), smart rules and have done a big upgrade to fraud detection.

Further, smart rules will be extended to transaction editing. :slight_smile:

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