New Emma Pro Features

Hey guys,

I just wanted to give you a little update. :slight_smile:

In the next few days, we are rolling out:

  • Turbo Updates
  • Smart Rules
  • Savings Targets
  • Rolling Budgets

Turbo Updates and Smart Rules are already live.

We built Savings Targets after we got feedback from a survey we ran last month and Rolling Budgets was one of the most expected feature in the Pro plan.


Just tried the new smart rules. The “transactions detected” list is a helpful feature!

There has been talk in other threads of smart rules being updated to work with Monzo & Starling “details” field (which contains reference for outgoing bank transfers from these banks). it doesn’t seem to have been added yet. Is there a rough timeline for when that will be available?

Yes, this is a quick change which we haven’t added at first, but it’s already implemented. We just need to find the space to put it in. :slight_smile:

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