New Accounts Tab Design

The design team has been playing around with a new Accounts Tab :call_me_hand:

It includes new buttons to sync, transfer, add, and manage all your accounts!

What do we think? :point_down:

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Much cleaner! I love it!

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How do you feel about the graphs being removed from this view?

I like the look but would miss the graphs… They are essential for me as they so easily show how I am doing finance wise.

Ok thanks for letting us know :blush:

Maybe we could have a button that shows a graph if you click it?

We’ll share any more designs we do as we work through them!

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Yes… that could work.
Personally, I like seeing it right away but if the tab will be redesigned, this could be a compromise :upside_down_face:

There’s a lot of white space around each account, so it would mean a lot of scrolling to see all your accounts. I’m still keen on subtabs

Would be good to maybe trial it out for TestFlight users?

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It doesn’t bother me at all. I know my account goes up at payday and down the rest of the time. Over 3 months seeing a rollercoaster graph doesn’t mean anything to me.

Appreciate other people use them though.

Same… but I :heart: the rollercoaster… especially as I’m trying to keep the overall tendency to go up :joy::crazy_face:

Would it help if you could expand and collapse each section?

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Yes, it’s not the final design.

We got a few complaints about the graph which for us are a bit irrelevant cause they are very skewed right now. :sweat_smile:

It would help… I suppose it depends how this works with spaces

This was my initial thought too. I suppose concern is mostly relevant for those of us with accounts at several institutions.

But something a single page arrangement would facilitate is the opportunity to add a by-institution filter. For example if I only wanted to view my accounts at HSBC it would be great to type HSBC in a search box or pick it from a drop down menu and the page could respond by just showing HSBC accounts. I think this would be a great addition and would in effect be a means to accomplish something I requested previously albeit in a different way.

Perhaps a filter could also be used for quickly getting to other types of account which don’t have their own section - e.g. only show crypto accounts, only show offline accounts, only show euro accounts, etc.

Please consider adding Emma :pray:

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I’m wondering if Spaces will solve all this anyway

Perhaps, although I think i’d still like filters. I think the ad-hoc nature of account filters could be very useful.

I like the idea of having a filter!

You mentioned a couple of filter ideas above - do you think you’d find a filter for £value useful? I.e. filter on accounts with more/ less than £X?

Anything else?

Yes - that could be useful.

Here are some potential filters I can think of including those already mentioned,

Definitely would use:

  • Bank/institution name
  • Account type - home currency, foreign currency, crypto, offline, etc

Might use:

  • Account balance - current balance greater than or less than a user-supplied value
  • Account delta - accounts that have changed in value by less than or more than a user-supplied value since a user-supplied date
  • Account activity - accounts that have had less than or more than a user-supplied number of transactions since a user-supplied date

I really like rhe fact that the current look is nice and clean with separation between the every day and the other tabs. The exampke you showed did not have every day which is the most important tab. There is also two totsls on the every day wihich seperates the credit cards. This is very important and needs to be retained

Savings tend to be clutted with all sorts of accounts and is quite long so is better on its own and not having to acroll to get to the other sections

If you continue to hsve tabs can we move to bottom for easier navigation.

You need to look at the frequency of use of the items you have put on the menu. Sync used say once or twice a month. Add and manage once or twice every 6 months. Transfer perhaps depends on the ease of use. This button would be better afer having selected the account you want to transfer from as you need to select this account some where in the process any way. This leaves only sync so no need for the menu band.

I accept that the graphs are stylised and show approx the movement and do not update the same day but I do not mind that perhaps users woukd like to see these replaced with real actual graphs.that update in real time.