Net Worth Forecasting

Sorry, isn’t net worth at such a basic level basically just cash and investments minus debts?

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Yes and no. It can also include non financial assets as well. :sweat_smile:

It can become a bit messy, but definitely an idea. :slight_smile:

I agree with Dan’s idea.

Hi, It will benefit users a lot if the top section of ‘Feed’ tab can provide a consolidated summery (highlighting overall net worth) for all accounts ( savings, current as well as loan) as a single figure. I see that this has been requested by a number of other users too. Another feature could be to mark individual Account eligible (or otherwise) for considering for Net worth calculation.

Can this be prioritized for development?



Hey @tuscanoj, thanks for your feedback! We have got this in the pipeline, but don’t have an official date yet. :slight_smile:

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Net Worth is my most wanted feature.

In order to implement it properly I would need the ability to manually enter an asset and it’s current value. This could work exactly as the Loans functionality does. E.G. I own my house and it is currently valued at £300,000. I can record this as an asset.

Forecasting for me is of secondary importance but important nonetheless


Hiya @liamfoneill :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Quick question, what would you use your net worth for other than just for reference?

Motivation mainly! Seeing the value (hopefully) increase overtime should encourage one to save more etc…


@edoardomoreni pro feature? :man_shrugging:

If we get the integrations that have been asked for then this will go a long way towards this thread and is the first step in achieving this. The forecasting can come from the AI that can be developed on these integrated balances

One step at a time. We have some investment managers integrated and could do with a lot more and with Emma making it more public on what is moving etc then we as customers can see what is happening. At the moment Emma is keeping us in the dark on progress on integrations

It’s also true that most of this money is fixed. As in, there aren’t many transactions in and out, so a manual account can help a lot. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you need “AI” to release this. Once net worth is a number available in the app (there are sums per category but I still need to add them up). E.g. add a “net worth” tab to the left of “Everyday”, “Savings”,…
The forecast would then just be that number + the Monthly average of (income-expenses) of the automated feeds. A higher weight could be given to recent months .
To add to that, it’s quite annoying that the graphs for balances of the manual accounts aren’t correct. It looks like the history of the manual transactions isn’t saved (especially important for the investment accounts)

This would be perfect! Even if just based on linked accounts cash vs debts.

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Shouldn’t forecasting include projected spending (“subscriptions” - aka bills) and income? Otherwise the net worth picture would only show past up to present.