Natwest to make you scan your face or fingerprint for suspicious transactions

Got an email couple days ago from Natwest saying, they have introduced a new security feature to their app, where if suspicious activity is happening via online shopping, they will make you log into their app, scan either your face or fingerprint or type in your passcode to confirm the transition being made is legit.

This is a pretty cool and advanced feature (new to me). Especially giving current events e-commerce is on the rise and so is cyber fraud sadly.

Does anyone know if any other newer FinTechs do this or similar?

Monzo do this as part of 3DS.

Starling also do this where you confirm any purchases through the app.

Haven’t heard of anyone else doing the face scanning yet :eyes:

I follow government rules and wear a face covering when shopping, so good luck with that scan.



I get what you mean. I usually don’t bother so much when I’m shopping online, though. :wink:


It was tongue in cheek :rofl:

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I didn’t notice that because you had your face mask on. :mask:

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