Monzo Pots / Starling Goals (Transaction feed)

I’ve noticed that my savings accounts (which are pretty much limited to Monzo/Starling until Marcus is available in Emma) do not show a transaction history (No transactions available).

Considering the movement of money to/from the pots/goals is available under the main account (albeit marked as excluded), can this not be shown there? I don’t know if interest payments on external savings pots are available via the Monzo API so that may cause some issues(?), but interest for Starling is paid to the main account so there shouldn’t be any transactions to miss for that.

This just seems like an easy “win” to me.

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It’s strange as the transactions are there as being taken out under excluded when looking at the account, but it would make sense to have the history of them in Emma.

Is suspect the reason could be because Starling don’t keep this record themselves, at least I haven’t seen a way of seeing my historical transactions to my goal.

Also, same for “rounding up”, (where it rounds transactions to nearest pound to put in a pot).

It records the original cost in Emma, but what happens to the missing up to 99p ?

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@edoardomoreni can you shed any light on this?

If you can reach out to live chat, they can help you better. :slight_smile: