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I have got this card about a year ago, but never actually used it. It would be great to know how you use it and where you see it going. :point_down::point_down::point_down:

I really only have it/use it as a back up.

So in my slim line wallet I’ll carry my main bank card (HSBC) with me, then my Monzo (used for food shopping) and Starling (used for my lunches/coffee) I’ll also have the curve one there so if I’m out and about I can use the app to say switch it to a credit card for bigger purchases etc.

Only down side is it just shows up within Emma as Curve and not the vendor so for your analytics etc. you need to keep on top of receipts and tags etc.

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Hey Paul,

glad you are here! I think this is a starling issue, have you seen it with other cards? You should see the exact merchant if you use curve with other cards in theory…

I’ll let you know in two minutes!

Yeah, I suspect it’s a starling issue, which we reported, but they are just lazy.

In terms of my Curve experience, I tried to swipe it in a couple of ramen shops and didn’t work.

I’ve been using it since it was in beta, concept is brilliant and I only carry my main Starling cards and my Curve card.
In regards to the transactions it is only those made through Starling which show up as Curve, my other banks’ transactions show properly.

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Yeah, we had a few issues with Starling + MBNA.

We were returning duplicates with the second, but that’s more an issue with Saltedge to be honest.

Yeah just used it know and checked historical purchases with different cards synced and it’s just Starling where there’s an issue!

Curve have just changed their model and making people pay for the better features. Luckily once my trial ends on the new offering I can be grandfathered into my old Curve Black that I originally signed up for.

What are the better features?

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Not interested in any of the offerings, happy with my 3-5% back on a list of retailers they have.


What about AMEX, have they resolved this?

Blog just today…

It doesn’t really say anything. :slightly_frowning_face:

Been using Curve for a while now. Apart from a short period where I was able to use Amex, it only really gets used abroad now to avoid the FX fees on my credit card.

I find that by overlaying Emma onto my legacy bank account and reward-earning credit cards, I can get reasonably close to the experience of one of the online-only banks. Throw in Curve for the zero FX, and I am really struggling to justify a shift in bank account to Monzo/Starling etc (though happy to be told I have missed something)

Emma+Curve combo turns old banks into new (whilst keeping rewards etc that don’t seem part of challenger bank offerings)

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I should start using my Curve, but then I think Apple Pay and stop there. :sweat_smile:

Apple Pay is in their plan but when it’ll actually be introduced, who knows!

My curve card is the only card I carry and my main personal spend account is starling but my bill pay account is HSBC. Personally I would be fine moving that to starling but I hope to move back to France and HSBC is there and help facilitate such moves in a big way (bank account, home finance, car loan, etc).

Starling is ace for me. I can’t complain. Their euro account idea looks like a great idea in development but I really wish the marketplace had more offerings, like an introduction to Emma!

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You know when we launched the integration with Starling they didn’t even cover us. :frowning:

ps: they were also extremely slow to work with compared to monzo.