Mark Category as Excluded

Sorry if this has already been requested - I can’t find it as a topic on search!

I would really like to mark whole categories as excluded so they don’t throw off my budget for a certain period.

2 examples:

  1. Holiday spending
  2. Work expenses for which I will be reimbursed

For both of these I would like to see the total spent for each category (so cannot just lump them in with all excluded) but still want to be able to view at a glance how I am doing with my monthly total budget without them.

Hopefully something that can be considered as at the moment I am having to manually calculate my monthly budget after subtracting these categories from what Emma shows.

I know Emma is anti-toggle so perhaps the best way to introduce this would be via a shortcut in the Emma pro menu (how I already access most pro features) - ‘mark category as excluded’ then just select which ones from the normal category view.


Hey @tom11,

just wanted to let you know this is part of the roadmap. :slight_smile:

It’s a bit of a simple feature on the frontend, but complex behind the scenes (there is lots to change), but we are committed to release it this year.

Great - thanks edoardo!