(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

Emma Pro now has manual accounts plus smart rules, which you can use to keep pretty close track of a mortgage account.

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I thought it might be something like this keeping you!

You could always use another account for day to day spending, and keep the Intelligent Finance account just for the mortgage. That way, almost everything would be automatically in Emma (and, if you really wanted to, you could use Emma Pro to create manual accounts for the rest as @Gaoler says.)

This is missing from my portfolio too and is my back up Mastercard, where Amex not accepted.

Trying to sort issue with Barclaycard Platinum not connected atm too. (Have started a live chat)


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Add me in!

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It’s a Crypto cashback card that already has open banking access

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Really interesting! Thanks for your suggestion :blush:


I’m assuming this is the right place to post, but I’m surprised scrolling up there hasn’t been something in developing for a bank I’d absolutely love to have in Emma - moneybox. With how popular their LISA is in the UK and now the stocks and shares ISAs they offer (as well as top up saving notice accounts) I’d assume they be very popular on here. Any news what’s happening with them? I’m not a coder but I’d assume they be significantly easier to adapt as well considering they’re primarily digital

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We would love to have Moneybox, but they don’t have an open API.

If you go onto the Emma app and click on investments and then Moneybox you can tweet them to tell them that they should make their API public haha :smiley:


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We have been asking multiple times, but they really don’t have or want to build an API.


Still waiting for Skipton and have been since I signed up! About half of all of my savings are there, both LISA and ISA so a big chunk missing from my “net worth” in the app :frowning:


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Sorry that you’ve been waiting so long for Skipton to be added. We’ll update the community here if we have any updates.

Do you have Emma Pro? You could add the balance manually and then this would show in your net worth? :blush:

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Another vote for Skipton @rebekah!

They do have an API as well, so you should be able to integrate with them.

Please get Skipton added!

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Where is it described?
I can’t find it.

I see Trading212 is quite high on the list of voted integrations. When will it be added?


Can you look into adding Cushon to the linked banks? My employer ISA is through Cushon. Thanks!

Hello @alliep :wave:

Do you have a link to this bank that we can look at? Is it a UK/ US bank?

UK bank