(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

Agreed wholeheartedly with this!

I only ask because, as a beta tester for 100’s of apps over the years, I have found those users who offer the most suggestion/comments/complaints for the app are those that don’t pay the devs anything - either via subscription or donation.

As for the integration mess, I’m not sure that’s all Emma’s fault. Security of your banking data should be the priority and scraping of data is a huge issue within the financial world.

However, I do agree that a ‘Closed Thread’ that lists current institutions Emma supports and those institutions Emma is actively seeking integration would be a good idea. I say “closed thread” as it serves no useful purpose to have users comment on such a list. There are already threads for that purpose :wink:


I’m not sure why no one from the United States hasn’t talked about this, but the app states that it supports US-based consumers, yet there are NO US banks on the supported list.

These are the banks that should be seriously considered before attempting to break into this market:

  • Chase

  • Bank of America

  • TD Bank

  • Citibank

  • Wells Fargo

  • Ally

  • Simple

If anyone else agrees with me, make sure you guys :heart: my post so that the big guys at emma can see how important this is!

Capital one has updated to open banking. They allow access if requested.
ukdevelopersupport@capitalone.com the email to request API.
API homepage https://developer.capitalone.co.uk/api/open-banking-sandbox/index.html#account-information-services-api.
I would love capital one to be integrated.


Hi Richard,

I couldnt agree more. I have seen they do have an API and equally it is on yolt too (tested out yesterday and working). So would be amazing to have it on here. it is the one card missing to have total coverage for me!

Please put on Capital one! Or could you give us an update on date at least for when you could get this on?

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@edoardomoreni can you integrate Capital One?

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Any chance to being able to integrate the ASDA Credit card, and also differentiate the saving savings accounts from Nationwide from the basic accounts?, please?

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John Lewis Partnership Card

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Yes yes yes, this is coming for sure with open banking. :slight_smile:


From what I see, on Yolt, they have a screen scraping connection. They are asking for username / password.

Are there any updates to your Tesco integration, Yolt now details balances without a second authentication.

We are working on this (as in building the integration while I am typing, so we should have 2-3 weeks max ahead).

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Sadly switching to Yolt which has working feeds for Amazon, Sainsburys and Tesco (the Emma-Tesco feed needs to be authenticated every day which makes it unusable). I’ll consider switching back to Emma if/when you fix. A comms to indicate expected feed fix dates would be nice.


It’s a real shame that we’re losing valued members to other platforms.

The feed introduction/fix update is a nice idea to add!

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Different platforms - different requirements - different users.

It’s one thing to have valued members, it’s another if those we value don’t value us.

I’ve changed a bank account so I can (eventually) add it to Emma. My previous financial institution wasn’t supported. :wink:

There are 3 integrations I’m looking at to provide a complete overview if you are able to provide any updates in addition to your current work to update the Tesco api to stop repeated log in:
HSBC to sync credit cards

Is there any news in relation to John Lewis Credit card


I want to add another vote for Triodos

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Is Sainsbury’s bank already on the list of pending integrations?

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