(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

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Wouldn’t Emma’s MS increase if you were to introduce connections, such as Marcus, if they could offer a viable alternative?

How about Post Office Credit Cards

Any update on a Trading 212 integration?

Is there any clues as to the next integration?

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I would love to see an integration with


Also still hoping for nutmeg


+1 for Marcus. I keep seeing the same reply, “Not for a long time”, but both Yolt and Money Dashboard have it so I see no reason why Emma cannot particularly given it’s one of the most popular easy access savings accounts.

Honestly if it’s not in the pipeline for the foreseeable future I might have to look for another app as the whole point of these apps is to have everything in one place and that would be a real shame because I really like Emma.



Yolt (and I assume also Money Dashboard) use credential sharing to connect to Marcus rather than open banking. Based on Yolt’s connection method I assume Marcus have not released an open banking API. I think Emma made a decision a few months ago not to develop new connections that required credential sharing and instead focus on transitioning to and supporting new open banking connections.

I tweeted about this recently and you may not know the answer but I would love to know when the Nationwide savings accounts will likely open up (if they have even given any indication). Can only currently see half of my accounts which makes using Emma less useful than it should be!

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Hoped NS&I might be integrated by now, it’s been working integrated into Yolt for some time. Is there any updates on MoneyBox?

The OpenMoney app is now also integrating just HSBC credit card balances

As with Marcus, NS&I is also available on Money Dashboard. Go figure.

Very frustrating having to use 2 different apps to manage partial sets of accounts, no 1 app to do the whole job properly

I still think improving the manual accounts in Pro would be great for this.

So, Marcus links to a single current account. You could build the whole Marcus transaction list from my current account, it’s that simple…

Direct integration for savings and investments is really not necessary for any account that links exclusively to one current account, or even actually multiple accounts, if you can identify the transactions.

I have looked at the pro account, however using this app to manage money to clear debts, I’m reluctant to have to pay for the pro

I’ve been trying to follow the information on Tandem as it’s one of the few things that I can’t see in Emma and I’m a bit confused…

Generally the response is “This won’t happen for ages” but it’s not really clear why. Do they have an open API? And if not, can we add more pressure on them? I thought they were legally required to provide open API access by September 2019 :thinking:

But while I’m here, my wishlist (on top of Tandem) is:

  • Barclays ISA’s
  • Revolut Vaults
  • SLC
  • Coinbase Pro (Formally called GDAX - I have connected my Coinbase account but my crypto is stored in Coinbase Pro so it doesn’t show up :confused:)
  • Freetrade

I’d like to use Intelligent Finance. It’s a spin-off of Halifax, so hopefully not too difficult.

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Even the accounts that there are integrated in Emma seem to periodically lose ‘synching’, such that everything has to be re-input, which is somewhat irritating. Becoming rather frustrated now, and reviewing my subscription.

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