(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

Why’s that? :tired_face:

They are not really tech companies and it takes them a bazillion of years to implement anything. :rofl:

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Ah fair enough, you can tell by Crowdcube’s app (and Seedrs lack of) :sweat_smile:

Yolt has Marcus integration… using them right now just to be able to check my marcus balance :sweat_smile:

(Yolt ui is terrible tho in comparison)

We’re not going to get Marcus unfortunately.

I’m very interested in the Sainsbury’s integration :slightly_smiling_face: - I’m in the beta and am happy to test!


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Bankers, they are usually boring.



@edoardomoreni :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:


@edoardomoreni I’m guessing this is a one-way street? Tandem has taken on TrueLayer as their account aggregator but TrueLayer hasn’t integrated with the Tandem Open Banking API?

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Any news on capital one being added again, it’s available on Yolt, but I don’t use yolt i use Emma :blush:


Trulayer state that they aim to have Tesco and Sainsbury’s Up and running in this quarter. If they deliver on time, when do Emma expect to have access to them?

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What API are you using for the crypto wallets? I have my ETH wallet linked but it only shows my ETH balance and not my ETH + tokens balance and 99% of my balance is tokens.

Bump. Anyone listening? (Re Tandem and Token)

This just means Tandem is using TrueLayer to connect to banks. :slight_smile:

Hey @cam, can you reach out to support via the More tab? We can check this out. :slight_smile: