(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

So, for example, you could integrate any from the request list in the opening post right now?

If we go there, build the right infrastructure to hold credentials (which we don’t know) and then start implementing scrapers, yes; but we are more than happy to outsource this bit to providers whose only job is doing this. :slight_smile:

If there is demand for things, we can even pay the providers to build the missing ones.


Would it be worth tracking the ‘most wanted’ integration and having some form of poll every month?

The integration with the highest votes is then put out to an external party to complete.

This means that you keep users happy with regular integrations, and will not spend copious amounts on integrations that would hardly be used.

If you think that’s a plan, then I could tweak the opening post to get the ball rolling for April’s vote?

I think the discussion is enough. We already know all the numbers regarding the integrations. :wink:

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because you can see the transactions?

We can statistically figure this out in the same way we add logos to transactions or categories.

makes sense…so if i go and do a load of transfers now to Oaknorth will that bump them up your priority :sweat_smile:

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Now, cause it will count as 1 user. :wink:

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  • John Lewis Partnership card (leading rewards card)
  • AJ Bell / Youinvest

What rewards do you get? I thought Amex was quite good. :stuck_out_tongue:

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There seem to be a few banks and cards apparently supported by Saltedge and/or Truelayer which aren’t supported by Emma.

Capital One (SE)
Co-Op (TL & SE)
Marks & Spencer (TL)
N26 (SE)
Triodos (SE)
Ulster (TL &SE)

Saltedge supported banks here
Truelayer supported banks here

Is this because there is still a significant amount of unique development work for you to do (i.e. varies from bank to bank) even after TL/SE handle the login process, and so you have to be selective even among the banks that TL/SE support?


Waitrose vouchers :wink:

I used to bother with Amex but can never find good ways to spend the points. Groceries win every time! Also who could be bothered to carry a second card because Amex isn’t accepted everywhere. Oh and also Curve don’t support Amex (not their fault though).

By “leading rewards card” what I really meant was that maybe it’s a good idea to always have the top 5 rewards cards listed at https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/credit-cards/best-credit-card-rewards/ or similar on the Emma top list?


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Do you mean MBNA, which is already supported?

From Saltedge’s list of supported banks

Let me remove MBMA.

In terms of these:

  • Capital One was available until yesterday. They made some changes, which need to be fixed from Saltedge, and we have taken it down.
  • Co-Op is available.
  • M&S has Open Banking available, so I think we are enabling it in September, same as Ulster.
  • Triodos, this was requested by 1 person in the last 15 months.
  • N26, they integrate with the german version and we are figuring it out if it’s compatible with the UK one.

I use Apple Pay and switch to Barclays, when that is the case.

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