(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

Thanks. The post says Newday is in development but also has Aqua in the poll. Wouldn’t Newday integration give access to Aqua? (I thought Aqua was a Newday brand)

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My understanding is that it’s the same API across the whole NewDay network, which will be easily implemented across their brands once it has been integrated once.

Emma have chosen to integrate with Amazon first (by the looks of it), but the rest will (I hope) follow shortly afterwards.

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Missing a few suggestions though:

  • Coinbase
  • Uphold

Wirex disappeared from list :sweat_smile:
Like Coinbase it is FCA licensed so yours bank shouldn’t terminate yours account like it can happen when using most other crypto exchanges - and it has smaller fees then coinbase

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To be honest, I am not sure - but I think the API covers everything, so yeah it would be Amazon, Aqua and all the others hopefully.


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Moneybox would be very much welcome. Looks like they are implementing open banking to connect to other banks for roundups but I am not sure they are working on their own api which looks a bit strange.


Utility Warehouse please. And Moneybox.


Could I ask for AssetzCapital?

Amazon new day
MARCUS by Goldman Sachs



Will you implement support for Clydesdale Bank as well as Yorkshire when you integrate this API?

It would be really good if you do, but so far I only see references to Yorkshire and not Clydesdale (like on Twitter just now).

Yes, of course.

We just need to figure out what it’s happening with Virgin Money and the merge.

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This has previously come up and I believe that what I posted on it before is still the current position. Long term, they will all move to a single (mostly ex-CYBG based iB platform) but until then the separate systems remain, and it will take a while as they want to avoid a TSB-style fiasco.

PS: This is what I posted before.

We are definitely not doing Wealthify, MoneyBox and Marcus.

We don’t have a way to connect + these companies are not interested.

Fair enough!

I suppose the thing with Virgin is that you could wait two years to avoid having to support the three systems, but eventually you will have to integrate the CYBG API since it will replace the current Virgin Money API, plus Clydesdale and Yorkshire are mirror versions of the same thing so I suppose it isn’t as much work as three totally separate connections would be?

Plus, if Virgin Money’s relaunching and new marketing pays off, they may have lots more customers soon and you may want to make sure you support them for this reason?

How close are we to tandem integration? I messaged in chat about the API being public now and never heard anything back?
Also are lending services like V12 finance possible? Show how much if left on it


I think they might shut down to be honest. :sweat_smile:

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Is it worth removing those integrations that won’t be possible from the OP poll (with a brief comment explaining why)?

Yes, of course.

Wealthify - very low volume, not friendly - we have been asking the API for years.
MoneyBox - don’t have an API, they will never build it and are not interested.
Marcus - there isn’t currently a way to connect. :frowning:

Any idea what NS&I’s actual view is on open banking?

They’ve had this page up for (I think) years suggesting they are interested in opening up access but there doesn’t seem to be any action